The Look of Love…

Forget Fifty Shades of Grey… the real colour of love runs red.

For all the true romantics-at-heart, the warm and alluring tones of red are ideal for celebrating l'amour. What’s more, not only are there innumerable shades of red to help you set the mood, its neighbouring pinks and purples on the colour wheel provide additional rich and indulgent tones perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day. (Use Promac Paints’ ColourSense to pic your favourites).

For many, the 14th of February conjures up images of overpopulated restaurants with set menus and substandard service… So this year, what better way to spend it than by creating a cosy night in for two (cue the romantic dinner, Netflix and champagne…)?

To make the evening extra special, why not usher in the romance with a few tweaks to your interior decor? Think in terms of your senses to enhance your setting. Soft furnishings and high-quality cotton sheets are excellent tactile elements to add sensuality. And nothing creates the perfect ambience like the correct use of lighting – think candles, fireplace and stringed fairy lights… Fresh flowers, and of course your Master Chef dish in the oven, will provide the needed fragrance and aroma.

The eyes can then be gratified by your use of intense, mood-making hues to stir the emotions and round off a dreamy atmosphere. Employing red in your table setting is great, but why not dare to flirt a little more boldly with a scarlet or ruby-coloured accent wall? Not sure? Take a look.

This Valentine’s Day, fall in love with Promac Paints.

Because true love lasts a lifetime and your favourite paint colour should too. Let Promac Paints colour your world this Valentine’s Day!