New year, New hue!

New Year New Hue.jpg

It’s that time of the year again when we engulf ourselves with the endless platitudes of New Year’s resolutions. Although resolutions have become a dreaded cliché, they do offer us the cyclical opportunity for making improvements while we still relish in our new-found energy and zest.

But this year, instead of punishing yourself with unoriginal “lose 5 kilos”, “live in the moment”, or “ditch the carbs”, why not channel the self-improvement vibes into your home surroundings? Create a space that will help you wake up happier, feel more creative and be more inspired. Here are some ‘reworked’ New Year’s resolutions to make your own in 2019:

1. Take more risks = Take a colour risk

Risks can be scary or exciting, depending on your attitude. A sure way to create some excitement and revive a bland habitat, is by introducing colour. While muted and monochromatic colour schemes make for elegant palettes, perhaps it’s time to shake things up a little and usher in the boldness and positivity of bright and cheery colours. If you’re naturally risk averse, consider taking baby steps and start with an accent wall before painting the whole kitchen fire truck red.

2. Transform your body = Transform your walls

A new year, a new look... Freshen up tired, dreary old walls with a new coat of paint. And while you’re in the risk-taking mood, why not try a different colour? Changing the colour of your walls is the simplest and most impactful way of transforming an entire space and make it feel brand new. Head over to your nearest Promac Paints store and get some expert advice on colours and usage.

3. Live with less = Declutter your space

‘Capsule Living’ may be the latest terminological fad, but it does make a very useful point. Living with less will not only suit your bank balance better, it will also do wonders for your stress levels. Studies have long shown that the link between stress and clutter is very much real, and that sometimes, the best way to feel better is to make your surroundings look better. So, bring out the bins and stack up the piles heading for the charity shop.

Whatever resolutions you make this year, make sure they’re rewarding. Happy new hue!