Hello Summer!

Summer Vibes.jpg

We’ve officially entered the summer season, so it’s out with the cold and in with blue skies, bright colours and warm weather. Extend the summer holiday vibes into your home and transition from winter neutrals and spring pastels into joyful summer colours and themes.

Vibrant, Cheerful Colours

They say change is as good as a holiday, and summer is the perfect time to take a leap and add some boldness to your home. Subdued, wintry neutrals and Scandi monochromes are making way for vivacious violets, popping reds and caerulean blues. Use Promac Paints’ colour selection tool, or pick out your favourite summer shade at your nearest Promac Paints store and spread some cheer on your walls!

Another way to pay homage to the freshness of summer is to invite the great outdoors into your home. Induce the essence of ‘tropical summer holiday’ with indoor foliage, baby palms and hanging air plants, and enjoy the added benefit of their air purifying qualities!

Whatever your strategy in terms of sprucing up your home before the family comes over for the holidays, you’ll find and endless supply of inspiration from South Africa’s best-loved season: summer!