Movember is well underway, and we’re already noticing a lot of grassy grins, bristle batons and even a few full-bodied handlebars!

Grow a Mo, save a Bro – it’s the mantra of the Movember campaign to inspire donations, conversations and real change in the area of men’s health. By focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health and suicide prevention amongst men, The Movember Foundation funds ground-breaking projects all over the world. In South Africa, Movember is licenced to The Men’s Foundation, whose aim it is to positively influence the average life expectancy of South African men. Read more about getting involved and making a difference while growing your own crumb catcher.

While we’re talking men and bristles, we thought it a good idea to provide our DIY handymen out there with an informative scoop on brushes. Where there’s home DIY, there’s paint, and where there’s paint, there are brushes. Although it’s all-important to take time and test the correct colours for your walls before purchasing litres and litres of paint, you might also want to take a mo-ment to consider the best brush options suitable for the job.

There are, in fact, many things to consider when purchasing brushes for home painting projects. From bristle loss rates, paint pickup and spreading ability, to flexibility and shape retention. Harris Africa is a well-known and widely respected manufacturer of brushes and tools to meet to all your brushware requirements. Their extensive range of brushes are highly durable and available in an array of sizes and styles. For advice on which brushes will best suit your specific project, watch this video clip by Harris on how to choose a paintbrush.


Handymen with Manometers: If you’re grown-up enough to cultivate lip foliage, you’re old enough to own a quality paint brush set to service your every DIY whim.


Have the brushes but need the paint? Visit Promac Paints or find your nearest stockist to sort you out in no time!